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Pregnancy diagnostic kits :

Quick Test pregnancy diagnosis Rima, a test with efficiency, very high accuracy (over 99%), and very fast (answer below 5 minutes), are simple and inexpensive. The test is performed without the need of a laboratory and directly with each person alone is able to perform and interpret the results. The test is administered with licensed production and the distribution of medical equipment is the Ministry of Health. The use of this device: diagnostic use outside the human body.

Cut off

Is designed for Cut-off of 25mIu in urine or serum.

Response Time

This test is designed based on a unique membrane that is best known for a response in less than a minute.

Ease of Use

Unique design kits by virtue known for, ease of use and convenience of carrying this kit has been produced in a way that can be used at any time and place.


Clinical studies in the most prestigious domestic and laboratories with advanced equipment indicates the accuracy of these kits.


According to the confirmation of the World Health Organization, these tests kits are high precision of 99.8%.


The low cost of these tests compared with laboratory diagnostic methods allow testing to be done at any time and place.

Pregnancy diagnostic kits

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Pregnancy diagnostic kits

The diagnosis of pregnancy has taken on greater importance in recent years as advanced reproductive technologies have become more commonplace and the ability to medically treat early extrauterine pregnancies has become a safe reality. Sensitive biochemical assays and high-resolution ultrasonography now make the diagnosis of pregnancy highly sensitive and specific.
This chapter reviews the clinical signs and symptoms of pregnancy, salient features of human implantation, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone synthesis and secretion in normal and aberrant pregnancies, and other biochemical and technical markers for the diagnosis of pregnancy.
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