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Immunohromatographic diagnostic kits

Check more accurately

Along with the most up-to-date manufacturing technologies

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Fundamental Research

The rapid development of science, especially in the areas of medical diagnosis and therapy based upon emerging needs, require extensive research to keep pace with advances in technology.

Diagnostic methods

Effective and timely diagnosis and treatment of diseases is the most important element of this work, as well as providing various solutions in this field approved by authorities.

Clinical Evaluations

Providing a reliable method for a more accurate assessment is needed, only a comprehensive review of international will be achieved with the method.

Technical support

Correct information and respect for the consumers in regard to the sharing of experience and knowledge of technical experts from their duties.

Modern equipment

Today, without a doubt, an effective product utilizes modern equipment for the production of the main pillars; product offerings in the field of detection is acceptable.

Technical knowledge

Taking advantage of professors and experts, the owner of a valuable treasure of the medical domain name, and technical knowledge in the field of detection capabilities at our disposal.
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With regard to the sensitivity and precision of this method of measurement, it is very superior to other conventional laboratory methods and is also very cheap and available.

High accuracy

Due to this, exclusive kits are very accurate with a 99% detection limit, they accurately measure the desired article.


The kits by volume and weight do not require complex equipment and accessories, are easily portable and can be used at any time and in any place.

Easy Usage

Immunochromatography kits designed and built in such a way that they are easy to use and require no specialist knowledge.

Taking advantage of modern production techniques

Good manufacturing practice

stablish and production of products based on the latest standards in the world under the supervision of international authorities

International QC

Using the latest methods of modern advanced product quality control

Production of technology-based products

Immuno-diagnostic kits based on chromatography

Construction of immunochromatography multiple diagnostic kits based on gold nanoparticles and fluorescent enamel for enjoying high diagnostic accuracy and speed.

Technology-based equipment

Design and manufacture of advanced equipment to detect with high accuracy measurement of hormones and chemicals in biological samples.

Download software online health monitoring

Rapid detection kits

Specialized kits

Technical knowledge and many years of experience in the field of manufacturing of specialized diagnostic kits led to the design of a variety of diagnostic kits in the field of treatment by the company.

Taking advantage of modern methods

The only way to achieve maximum accuracy and speed of response methods based on nanotechnology, image processing and the development of new methods is at the same time.

The use of effective methods

By studying a variety of influencing factors and hormones diagnosis of infectious diseases with clinical and laboratory studies, we have found the best solution.

A variety of detection methods

Today, along with the growth of technology, more diverse detection methods have also been used, each of these methods have their own sensitivity.

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